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  • Originally published 10/23/2017

    Russian minister keeps doctorate despite plagiarism claims

    Vladimir Medinsky, who has published a best-selling trilogy of Russian history in which he presents a glossy nationalist version of the country's past, is also the chairman of the state-backed Russian Military History Society.

  • Originally published 01/15/2016

    This Is What Max Hastings Did.  Is this Plagiarism?  You Decide.

    John R. Schindler

    “Several months ago I made the unpleasant discovery that sections of the 2013 best-selling book Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War by Sir Max Hastings, the prolific British popular historian, looked an awful lot like one of my scholarly articles.”

  • Originally published 01/28/2015

    Is It Possible to Accidentally Plagiarize?

    Melissa Dahl

    We're most likely to unintentionally plagiarize when we're trying to multitask; doing one thing at a time might help keep us from stealing without realizing.

  • Originally published 07/30/2014

    Why Politicians Plagiarize So Often

    Evan Osnos

    As he confronts the consequences, Senator Walsh might feel fortunate that he is a senator, not an academic or a college freshman or a blogger.

  • Originally published 05/13/2014

    New book, new allegations of plagiarism

    Since the book’s publication, a blog called the Cabinet of Plagiarism has detailed numerous alleged instances of plagiarism in the book, including text and ideas taken from information websites and published scholarship.

  • Originally published 04/23/2010

    Historians on the Hot Seat

    This page features a list of historians who have been accused of plagiarism and other offenses.  Some were subsequently cleared.

  • Originally published 07/13/2006

    How the Goodwin Story Developed

    Editor's Note 10-6-05 Doris Kearns Goodwin's new biography of Abraham Lincoln, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, has generated renewed interest in the scandal of 2002, when it was revealed that she had borrowed passages from other writers without proper acknowledgement. This page tracked the story as it unfolded. The story proceeds in chronological order.

  • Originally published 01/25/2006


    What is it? Who's been accused? When did it become a recognized offense?