military history

  • The Forgotten Story of the "Red Ball Express"

    by Matthew Delmont

    "From August through November 1944, 23,000 American truck drivers and cargo loaders – 70% of whom were Black – moved more than 400,000 tons of ammunition, gasoline, medical supplies and rations to battlefronts in France, Belgium and Germany."

  • Biden's Options in Ukraine are Ugly

    by Walter Russell Mead

    "Now both sides are stuck with a war that neither knows how to win, and it is difficult to see the outlines of a compromise peace that both sides can accept."

  • How So Many Were Wrong Assessing Russia's Military

    by Phillips Payson O’Brien

    As Mike Tyson so eloquently put it, “Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the mouth.” What we are seeing today in Ukraine is the result of a purportedly great military being punched in the mouth.

  • Ukraine's Next Enemy: Disease

    by Max Brooks, Lionel Beehner and John Spencer

    "If we want to help the Ukrainian resistance, we shouldn’t be sending them only Javelins and body armor. They need emergency supplies — bulk sanitation items such as alcohol-based hand sanitizer, ammonium nitrate to counter food-borne illness, and rat traps and poisons."

  • Has Putin Heeded Warnings from the History of Urban Warfare?

    by Brian Glyn Williams and Aaron Rawley

    While key to the mythos of Russian patriotism, the pivotal battle of Stalingrad, along with other more recent episodes of urban warfare, show that Russian forces face a difficult and bloody task in capturing Kyiv. As Russian troops now retreat to the east, has this been a lesson learned? 

  • Why Do Leaders Start Wars Assuming Victory?

    by Gregory A. Daddis

    For millenia, leaders have been seduced by the promise that war unifies fractious politics, elevates leaders, and offers a final solution to conflict, despite the historical wrongness of these lessons.