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  • Originally published 05/21/2014

    When the Right Turns on America

    Peter Wehner

    "This kind of language–America is bordering on or has basically become a tyranny–is common currency within some quarters of conservatism."

  • Originally published 06/23/2013

    CU launches diversity study

    BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — University of Colorado regents are conducting a survey to determine whether the school respects diversity for people who disagree on politics, race, gender and sexual orientation.The survey, which was approved Thursday by University of Colorado regents, is planned for the upcoming school year on all campuses.Some conservatives have expressed concern that many educators are too liberal, while other critics have complained that some school officials are intolerant of social differences.In March, the university hired a history professor to be the resident conservative at the Boulder campus. Steven Hayward will serve as the school's first visiting scholar in conservative thought and policy, a temporary position paid by more than $1 million in private funds....

  • Originally published 06/14/2017

    The Amazing Mind of Donald Trump

    Steve Hochstadt

    Trump doesn’t mostly make up the untruths he tells the world. He takes them from these professional spreaders of political lies. Trump takes his “news” from supermarket tabloids and their internet equivalents. He said, “You can’t knock the National Enquirer. It’s brought many things to light, not all of them pleasant.”

  • Originally published 05/25/2015

    What Do You Do When a Review Is Dishonest?

    Jim Loewen

    "Lies My Teacher Told Me" has received thousands of reviews, but the #2 editorial review at Amazon is blatantly wrong. And there's no recourse even though the editor of the magazine that published it admits the review is flawed.

  • Originally published 10/09/2013

    The Myth That Makes the GOP Suicidal

    Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica

    Right-wingers' desire to be left alone and safe behind symbolic fences is driving their party's self-destructive policies.