George Wallace

  • Of the 700 Attempts to Fix or Abolish the Electoral College, this One Nearly Succeeded

    by Gillian Brockell

    The most serious effort to abolish the Electoral College followed George Wallace's third party bid in 1968, when both major parties realized that a spoiler candidate could throw the election to the House of Representatives and extort political concessions for electoral votes. Southern conservatives, happy with the leverage the system gave them, blocked the amendment in the Senate.

  • This is the Presidency George Wallace Never Had

    by Max Boot

    The president is pouring gasoline on the flames of racial division, and the Republican Party is holding the jerrycan for him. This is where the Southern Strategy has led after half a century.

  • The Real Problem With Trump’s Rallies

    by Kevin M. Kruse

    There are a lot of similarities between the president and George Wallace of Alabama. But there’s also one big difference.

  • When George Wallace Came to Town

    by Joe Allen

    Donald Trump’s appeal to some suffering white workers shouldn’t surprise us. George Wallace did the same thing four decades ago.

  • What Donald Trump Owes George Wallace

    by Dan T. Carter

    The real estate mogul won’t be the president, just as the former Alabama governor wasn’t. But losers as well as winners shape the future.

  • George Wallace’s daughter lives in shadow of his segregationist stand

    For 50 years Peggy Wallace Kennedy has lived in the shadow cast by her father, Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace, when he stood in a doorway and tried to stop two black students from integrating the University of Alabama.That single episode in the American civil rights movement — his infamous “stand in the schoolhouse door” — attached an asterisk to her name, she says. It’s a permanent mark she can never erase, despite her own history as a moderate Democrat who gave early support to candidate Barack Obama for president in 2008.“If you’re George Wallace’s daughter, people think the asterisk will always be there. ‘Oh, your father stood in the schoolhouse door,’” she said in a recent interview.Kennedy was just 13 at the time. Her mother, Lurleen Wallace, had whisked her away to a lake fishing cabin with her three siblings that day, so they would be nowhere near the wrenching historic drama in which her father played a leading role....