Jim Crow

  • The Jim Crow Car

    The North, the South and the forgotten origins of racial separation.

  • From Segregation to Gentrification

    by Mike Green

    Lessons from Seattle and Detroit: How city policies and NIMBYism lead to unimpeded market forces displacing poor people of color.

  • What If Reconstruction Hadn’t Failed?

    by Annette Gordon-Reed

    The pervasiveness of white-supremacist ideology in academia gave license to Jim Crow efforts for decades after the Civil War.

  • IA GOP Kingmaker Mickelson Wants To Bring Back Jim Crow-Era Voting Laws

    Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson, the state's self-appointed vetter of GOP presidential candidates, recently told members of the League of Women Voters that it should be harder for people to vote, suggesting it be limited to state property owners or people who pass a civics test.