Joe Biden

  • Biden's Options in Ukraine are Ugly

    by Walter Russell Mead

    "Now both sides are stuck with a war that neither knows how to win, and it is difficult to see the outlines of a compromise peace that both sides can accept."

  • A Purgatorial Message from JFK to Joe Biden

    by Andrew Bacevich

    "I urge you to think carefully before making the leap into such an unmourned past.  Whatever your political advisers may imagine, displays of presidential toughness aren’t what our nation needs right now."

  • Conservatives' Opposition to Yet-Unnamed SCOTUS Nominee Shows the Right's Siege Mentality

    by Thomas Zimmer

    If Joe Biden follows through on a pledge to nominate a Black woman to the high court, it won't change the ideological tilt on the bench, but it will highlight that white men still dominate powerful institutions and that conservative politics is concerned with preserving that dominance. 

  • Historian Harvey Kaye: Biden has Never Wanted to be FDR

    Entering office in 1933, Franklin Roosevelt was confident that mass social movements would build support for systemic political and economic change. Joe Biden does not seem to be drawing similar lessons from social protest today. 

  • In Praise of One-Size-Fits-All Social Policy

    by Lawrence B. Glickman

    "To call a vaccine mandate a constraint on an “intensely personal decision” is to obfuscate the fundamental reality that pandemics are intensely social."

  • Can Biden Avoid Carter's Biggest Blunder?

    by Meg Jacobs

    “I’ll give it to you straight,” Carter said. “Each one of us will have to use less oil and pay more for it.” This arguably sensible position was disastrous politics. Can Biden do more to encourage conservation while acknowledging the economic pain fuel prices inflict?

  • If the Dems Turn to the Center, They Will Lose to Trump

    by Samuel Moyn

    In the wake of the Virginia gubernatorial election, centrist Democrats have revived calls for austerity as the only safe electoral strategy. They will find out how wrong that analysis is if they are successful in pulling the Biden administration away from a broad agenda.