Joe Biden

  • Has Biden's FDR Dream Hit the Rocks?

    Joe Biden must have expected unified Republican opposition and betrayal by Democratic moderates, but probably not so quickly. 

  • Why Are Moderate Dems Trying to Blow Up Biden's Economic Plan?

    by Zachary D. Carter

    Centrists' efforts to chisel away at the Build Back Better bill threaten its passage, its effectiveness, and the prospects of Democrats to hold power in the future. A biographer of John Maynard Keynes wonders why they're doing it. 

  • Mandates For COVID Vaccines Spark Controversy

    As Republican governors and legislatures refuse to require vaccination, the Biden administration institutes significant federal mandates. Historians discuss vaccination, choice, and public health.

  • The Deeper Crisis Behind the Afghan Rout

    by Walter Russell Mead

    "Neither the past two decades nor the past two weeks demonstrate American wisdom or the efficacy of the byzantine bureaucratic ballet out of which U.S. policy emerges."

  • One Big Thing Biden Got Right about Afghanistan

    by Fred Kaplan

    "Quite apart from the way Biden pulled out of Afghanistan (and I’ve been among those who are critical of his way), he was right, and has long been right, that the widening mission of the 20-year war was doomed to failure and that no amount of time or money would ever have changed that."

  • Biden’s Chamberlain Moment in Afghanistan

    by Walter Russell Mead

    Arguments about the relationship of Afghanistan to American national interst miss the point that that interest is damaged by Joe Biden's visibly poor decision-making. 

  • The Bishops Are Wrong About Biden — and Abortion

    by Garry Wills

    The historian of Catholicism argues that the US Bishops' demand to deny communion to Joe Biden over his abortion policies rests on a shoddy understanding of the Church's own history with the issue. 

  • Biden Will Allow Undocumented Students To Access Pandemic Relief

    by Sarah R. Coleman

    The reversal of the Trump administration's exclusion of the undocumented from aid programs helping students meet basic needs is one step toward reconsidering the connection between immigration policy and the American social safety net, where students have often been on the front lines. 

  • Are We Entering a New Political Era?

    A group of younger progressive activists is seeking to push the Democratic Party to see a new political alignment where active government and public programs are no longer considered impossible. Some members of the group of historians and scholars who met with President Biden in March also relayed that message.

  • Joe Biden Wants to Be Like Roosevelt. But Can He Get the Votes?

    Jill Lepore and Jelani Cobb join New Yorker Editor David Remnick's podcast to discuss the prospects for an ambitious program of spending and public works. As Lepore says, “You can’t put F.D.R. in Dr. Who’s phone booth and bring him to 2021."