• If it Wasn't Clear, COVID Shows Teachers Don't Get "Summers Off"

    by Christine A. Ogrem

    School authorities have long sought to control teachers' use of summer time, while hiding behind the fiction of a 9-month employment contract. It's time to empower teachers to control that time for themselves and their schools. 

  • What Do Final Exams Mean During a Pandemic?

    History professors Kevin Gannon and Christopher Jones are among the faculty members who share ways to make final exams or projects meaningful learning experiences at the end of a difficult semester.

  • Rethinking How We Train Historians

    by Rita Chin

    What if we designed a graduate course that accounted for the conditions of the job market and history as a discipline? What if we taught students how to undertake the work of historical scholarship in a collaborative manner that more closely resembles the way labor is organized in today’s society, both inside and outside of academia?