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presidential history

  • Originally published 11/27/2013

    Every president lies

    "Every president has not only lied at some time, but needs to lie to be effective."

  • Originally published 04/25/2013

    Michael Beschloss's picks for 7 striking images of ex-presidents

    With the five living presidents meeting Thursday in Texas, we asked presidential historian Michael Beschloss to give us a sense of these presidential gatherings. Beschloss, author of nine books and contributor to the PBS NewsHour and NBC News, had only to look at his Twitter feed, which features images such as this, from the opening of the George H.W. Bush library in 1997....

  • Originally published 03/28/2013

    President Barack Obama: The First Draft of History

    Kathryn Moore

    The following is excerpted from The American President by Kathryn Moore, published by Barnes & Noble Books in 2013 (678 pages, $19.95).  It covers the life of Barack H. Obama and his presidency through his election to a second term in 2012.  For more information, go to: TheAmericanPresident.US. President Barack Obama on December 6, 2012. Credit: Wiki Commons.Table of Contents•Childhood •Hawaii •College •Community Organizing in Chicago •Africa •Harvard •Marriage •Launch of Political Career •State Politics •Senator •Campaign for the Presidency

  • Originally published 03/06/2018

    Off With Their Heads! The Danger Extremists Pose.

    Steve Hochstadt

    A German film about the Hungarian revolt of 1956 has lessons for us today about the importance of defending democracy from a small far right minority who only see black and white.