Anne Frank

  • Anne Frank's Next Diary Entries

    by Bernice Lerner

    When I was a teenager, I imagined that Anne Frank was at my mother’s 15th birthday party. After all, they were the same age and they were both in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. How did I arrive at such a phantastic conflation?

  • Texas District Removes Graphic Version of Diary of Anne Frank

    “It’s disgusting. It’s devastating. It’s legitimate book banning, there’s no way around it,” Laney Hawes, a parent of four children in the Keller district, told JTA about the order. “I feel bad for the teachers and the librarians.”

  • At 75th Anniversary, What Can Anne Frank's Diary Teach Today's Teens?

    by Naomi Yavneh Klos

    A project that trains middle school student docents to lead peer discussions of Anne Frank's diary unlocks the power of empathy and experience to impart lessons about the Holocaust and about the broader concerns of human dignity and security for adolescents strained by the pandemic, violence, and identity-based demonization. 

  • 60 Minutes Report: Who Betrayed Anne Frank?

    While investigators believe they have identified the person who revealed the Frank's hiding place to the Nazi occupiers of Amsterdam, the revelation opens, rather than closes, questions of responsibility and community obligations.

  • Italy uses Anne Frank's diary to combat anti-Semitism at sports games

    After anti-Semitic stickers were strewn around Italian soccer club Lazio's stadium, the team and the Italian soccer federation are taking steps to combat racism and anti-Semitism at games, including reading a passage aloud from Anne Frank's diary before matches.

  • How Anne Frank's Diary Survived

    70 years after its publication and her death, the story is being commemorated in a new edition published by LIFE.