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  • Originally published 06/15/2018

    Is the West in Disarray?

    Bruce W. Dearstyne

    That sounds like a topic from another era. But it’s shockingly of the moment.

  • Originally published 03/08/2018

    Is Trump About to Start a Trade War?

    Ruchir Sharma

    The alarmists are getting a bit ahead of the story. Periods of deglobalization tend to be slow processes, not sudden events.

  • Originally published 04/19/2017

    Trump Is Right About One Thing

    Louis A. Ferleger and Jonathan R. Zatlin

    Some of our trading partners aren’t playing fair. Case in point: Germany.  

  • Originally published 03/13/2013

    Illinois scientists find rare coin in Kenya

    Scientists from Illinois have found a rare, 600-year-old Chinese coin on the Kenyan island of Manda.The Field Museum in Chicago announced the find Wednesday. The joint expedition was led by Chapurukha Kusimba of the museum and Sloan Williams of the University of Illinois-Chicago. Researchers say the coin proves trade existed between China and eastern Africa decades before European explorers set sail....