Great Depression

  • The Great Depression, Coronavirus Style: Crashes, Then and Now

    by Nomi Prins

    Monetary policy responses to the current crisis can't fix either the structural problems that make the economy vulnerable to severe disruption or the virus and public health crisis that underlie that disruption. Governments must choose to take coordinated action on multiple fronts. 

  • The Lessons of the Great Depression

    by Lizabeth Cohen

    The larger lesson the New Deal offers is that recovery is a complex and painful process that requires the participation of many, not directives from a few. And that, ultimately, we’re all in this together.

  • Could Trump Go the Way of Herbert Hoover?

    Will the ignominious political fate of Herbert Hoover await Donald Trump when voters deliver a verdict on his tumultuous presidency in November?

  • A Sharp Shock, But Not a Depression: A Historian's View

    “I’m cautiously optimistic that the economic effects will be severe but not nearly as long-lasting as the Great Depression,” says David Kennedy, a professor of history at Stanford University. “Both the depth and duration are not likely to look like the Great Depression.”