Library of Congress

  • LOC Opens Personal Papers of Justice John Paul Stevens to Public

    The justice's personal papers show, among other things, that Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy were upset that the harshness of dissenting opinion in Bush v. Gore would lead to public criticism of the conservative justices who helped George W. Bush to the White House. 

  • Library of Congress will Acquire Neil Simon's Papers

    Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden expressed gratitude to Simon's widow Elaine Joyce Simon for the donation, which enhances the library's holdings in performance arts and ensures future researchers will be able to access his work. 

  • Library of Congress Acquires Archives of the National Woman’s Party

    The preservation and archiving of the NWP's documents was complicated by the fact that its rival, the National American Woman Suffrage Association struck a deal with the Smithsonian forbidding the museum from including the NWP or Alice Paul in any exhibition on suffrage.