Caribbean history

  • Guantanamo's Other History

    by Jeffrey S. Kahn

    Reports of a bid for migrant detention contractors based at Guantanamo including speakers of Haitian Creole fed suspicion of a new connection of the military and immigration enforcement. Where Haitian refugees are concerned, the Guantanamo connection is nothing new. 

  • The West's Centuries-Old Debt to Haiti

    by Howard W. French

    "Although Americans’ centuries-long debt to the Haitian people is untaught in our schools and unacknowledged in our public discourse, the indomitable spirit of the Haitian people created the United States we know today."

  • The US Should be Wary of Interfering in Cuba

    by Joseph J. Gonzalez

    Young Cuban protesters may be forming a revolutionary generation. They may succeed in advancing democracy if the US can resist the historical temptation to interfere.

  • This 1841 Rebellion at Sea Freed More Than 100 Enslaved People

    by Clifton E. Sorrell & Daina Ramey Berry

    The rebellion of the enslaved on the Creole depended on the rebels escaping to the jurisdiction of the British and arguing that the British ban on the slave trade could legally seize the human property of Americans.