Caribbean history

  • Review: The Paradoxes of CLR James

    by Gerald Horne

    A new biography by John L. Williams examines the connections that the pathbreaking radical intellectual CLR James drew between the Haitian revolution and global struggles for emancipation in the 20th century. 

  • How Can Haiti Move Forward?

    by Marlene L. Daut

    Calls for international intervention in Haiti need to consider how the history of foreign interventions—which have been aimed at helping governments instead of people—has brought the nation to its current state of crisis. 

  • George Washington in Barbados?

    by Erica Johnson Edwards

    The local monuments to George Washington's 1751 visit to Barbados demonstrate the interconnectedness of American and Caribbean histories as well as the influence of Caribbean practices of enslavement on the institution in the United States. 

  • Cuba and the US: Necessary Mirrors

    by Geraldo Cadava

    How much more could the 1619 Project have accomplished if it considered the broader connections of slavery, racism and power in the Caribbean? 

  • The Elusive Guantanamo Endgame

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    "In the legal quagmire the U.S. has created, there is, in fact, no easy solution to closing Guantanamo."

  • How the Cold War Killed Cannabis as We Knew It

    When Henry Kissinger sought to assert American control of Caribbean bauxite ore reserves, he set off a political dirty war that poisoned the Jamaican interior and destroyed prominent strains of cannabis in the name of marijuana interdiction. 

  • Bloody History Looms over Haitian Crisis

    "A bloody history of American influence looms large, and a century of U.S. efforts to stabilize and develop the country have ultimately ended in failure."

  • Guantanamo's Other History

    by Jeffrey S. Kahn

    Reports of a bid for migrant detention contractors based at Guantanamo including speakers of Haitian Creole fed suspicion of a new connection of the military and immigration enforcement. Where Haitian refugees are concerned, the Guantanamo connection is nothing new. 

  • The West's Centuries-Old Debt to Haiti

    by Howard W. French

    "Although Americans’ centuries-long debt to the Haitian people is untaught in our schools and unacknowledged in our public discourse, the indomitable spirit of the Haitian people created the United States we know today."

  • The US Should be Wary of Interfering in Cuba

    by Joseph J. Gonzalez

    Young Cuban protesters may be forming a revolutionary generation. They may succeed in advancing democracy if the US can resist the historical temptation to interfere.