• How The US Can Pass Civics 101

    by Glenn C. Altschuler and David Wippman

    American education in civics and history is not succeeding. How can it be improved in a polarized climate when content is a political football? 

  • Infrastructure Isn’t Really About Roads. It’s About the Society We Want.

    by Erik Klinenberg

    The word "infrastructure" has always been sufficiently capacious to include all kinds of systems necessary for the operation of society. If anything, Biden's plan needs to be bigger, and incorporate the civic infrastructure of elections and public knowledge and the social infrastructure of schools, parks and libraries. 

  • History, Deliberation, and Civic Culture

    by Jim Grossman

    "Equating a mode of inquiry with a heinous crime should induce not only a private shudder but a public disavowal. No reasonable definition of patriotism can accommodate this despicable metaphor."

  • Free Speech and Civic Virtue between "Fake News" and "Wokeness"

    by Campbell F. Scribner

    Left critics of the recent "Harper's Magazine" open letter on free speech and open debate make some claims that are narrowly meritorious. But they don't address the value of speech as a way of building the collective citizenship necessary for democracy. In this respect, the signers are correct.

  • The Pandemic Has Led to an Outbreak of Terrible Historical Analogies

    The pandemic has given Americans lots to think about, not the least of which are the awful historical analogies and references used to make its worst actors seem valorous. Here are some of the most egregious examples, why they’re absurd, and why they should be taken seriously.