• 20th Century Personal Notes

    by Cliopatria

    Dwight Garner, "Mass Slaughter on a Personal Level," NYT, 10 November, reviews Peter Englund's The Beauty and the Sorrow: An Intimate History of the First World War. Trans. by Peter Graves.

    Arthur Herman, "Parallel Lives," WSJ, 10 November, reviews Susan Hertog's Dangerous Ambition: Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson, New Women in Search of Love and Power.

  • More Noted Things

    by Cliopatria

    Daisy Banks interviews "Thomas Penn on Henry VII," The Browser, 7 November, for his recommendation of five essential books on the English monarch. Owen Matthews, "Catherine, the Great Human Being," Daily Beast, 6 November, reviews Robert Massie's Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman.

    Natasha Lehrer, "Friendship in the time of the Resistance," TLS, 7 November, reviews Caroline Moorehead's A Train in Winter: A story of resistance, friendship and survival. It's a study of women of the French resistance in Nazi concentration camps.

    Robert Zaretsky, "Camus the Jew," Tablet, 7 November, draws on Zaretsky's Albert Camus: Elements of a Life.