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  • Does the Bill of Rights Apply to Iraq?

    by Liberty and Power

    With regard to David's post below, here's an excerpt from my blog from July 2003.

    U. S. forces haven't been able to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq yet, but when it comes to weapons of individual self-defense it's another story.

    Most readers of this web journal will understand why the U. S. military's imposition of Nazi-style gun control on Iraq i

  • Quote of the Day

    by Liberty and Power

    Claire Shipman on"This Week with George Stephanopoulos" reflects on the President's Second Inaugural Address, and its intrinsic appeal to current (Democratic) and former (neocon) leftists:
    This has to be seen as an attempt to retrofit the war in Iraq with the Grand Foreign Policy Philosophy. ... People talk about this being the core of Bush; this was not his core four years a

  • The Best of Reason

    by Liberty and Power

    Nick Gillespie has edited a new collection, Choice: The Best of Reason. It includes some of the best articles during the last decade. The forward is by Drew Carey. Check it out.

  • Happy Birthday, Isabel Paterson

    by Liberty and Power

    On January 22, 1886, a child was born in a log house on an island in Lake Huron. This child, who after many adventures became a best-selling novelist, influential literary critic, and nationally famous “personality,” would also be known as one of the three founding mothers of libertarianism, and the one to whom the other two were intellectually indebted.

    To Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Paterson’s great work on political theory, “The God of the Machine” (1943), was “a book ranking with

  • Liberalism and the Chronicle

    by Liberty and Power

    The Chronicle of Higher Education published a letter to the editor I wrote last month.

    It was in respones to this John Lukacs piece on the demise of the word"liberal."

    Edited, published version of what I sent:

    To the Editor:

    As a libertarian, I feel compelled to take issue with John Lukacs's"The Triumph and Collapse of Liberalism" (The Chronicle Review, December 10).

  • Free At Last

    by Liberty and Power

    [cross-posted at Austro-Athenian Empire]

    All hail George W. Bush, the Liberator!

    During his deification inaugural address today, our Prince President announced:"America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling."

    Well, golly. As an anarchist, I'm one of the unwilling. And finally, an American President has promised that th

  • The Bush that Cried Wolf

    by Liberty and Power

    President Bush is counting on crisis-mongering to get his changes in Social Security accepted by the American people and passed by Congress. The problem is that the last time he engaged in crisis-mongering it turned out that there was no crisis. The search for WMD in Iraq was quietly ended recently. No stockpiles of weapons had been found. So why should anyone believe him when he says Social Security is headed for crisis? Projections for the program depend on soft factors: future rates of econom

  • Re: Guerrillas Always Win!

    by Liberty and Power

    William Polk’s piece in The American Conservative is, indeed, of interest, both for what he includes, and what he leaves out.

    The American Revolution is not considered a classic guerrilla insurgency because the British during most of the war controlled very little of America beyond New York City. On the guerrilla activity outside there, see my article on the Dutch-American Guerrillas in The Journal of Christian Reconstruction and reprinted in M. Norval, ed., The Mil

  • Brits Admit Losing Control of Troops

    by Liberty and Power

    The United States is not alone, among the"Coalition of the Willing" in losing control of troops engaged in counter-insurgency warfare in Iraq, with respect to actions violating the Geneva Convention. Check out this article at: The Times, UK.

  • Why the Intent and Purpose of the Geneva Conventions Matter So Much

    by Liberty and Power

    One can find so many contradictions in the various pronouncements of the Bush administration and its supporters in the"War on Terror" that a full discussion of them all would fill a number of very large books. But here is a contradiction I find particularly revealing: while the proponents of war to remake the globe continent by continent repeatedly intone that this war isn't like any earlier one, and that we're now dealing with non-state actors and therefore all the rules have changed, they

  • The Guerrillas Always Win

    by Liberty and Power

    William R. Polk has an excellent piece in The American Conservative in which he talks a bit about the nature of the war we are fighting in Iraq. Polk writes: Guerrilla warfare is not new. In fact, it is probably the oldest form of warfare. But in recent centuries, so much attention was given to formal warfare that most soldiers forgot about informal war. Although few guerrilla leaders have given us accounts of how they organized

  • Terrorists must be denied child recruits?

    by Liberty and Power

    To: The Editor, Financial Times


    PW Singer ("Terrorists must be denied child recruits," FT, 1/19/05) describes the use of young people in Terrorist attacks, even in suicide ones.

    That a 14-year-old sniper shot a soldier should surprise no one.

    Surely, Singer is aware of the youth who served in the American Revolution, where the average age of the male population of the colonies was only slightly above 25 years of age. Fou

  • Building a Civil Society

    by Liberty and Power

    So much justly negative criticism has been made of the neoconservative"nation-building" project that some kernels of truth about the need for social change in the Middle East might get drowned out by the loud public debate. Katherine Zoepf, writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, focuses on one aspect of that need in her recent article about Syria,"Building a Civil Society Book by Book." Zoepf focuses on the wo