Jim Loewen

James W. Loewen was a sociologist.  The New Press published paperbacks of Loewen's bestseller, Lies My Teacher Told Me, and Sundown Towns, about places that were/are all-white on purpose. 

  • Celebrating John C. Calhoun in Minnesota!

    by Jim Loewen

    John C. Calhoun is remembered for what he did in the latter half of his adult life. In those years, he rationalized slavery, suppressed freedom of speech, and legitimized secession. Surely that legacy should persuade Minnesotans to rename Lake Calhoun.

  • What Do You Do When a Review Is Dishonest?

    by Jim Loewen

    "Lies My Teacher Told Me" has received thousands of reviews, but the #2 editorial review at Amazon is blatantly wrong. And there's no recourse even though the editor of the magazine that published it admits the review is flawed.

  • Wrong and Racist at Duke

    by Jim Loewen

    Political Science Professor Jerry Hough should leave Duke, on grounds of incompetence. He knows nothing about the history of race relations, yet opines on it anyway.

  • The Vietnam War Revisioned by Those Who Opposed It

    by Jim Loewen

    "There are reasons why peace movement alumni find it harder to congratulate themselves, compared to Civil Rights Movement alumni. Our society has formed a consensus that it is wrong to deny people citizenship, voting rights, jury duty, the use of hospitals and restaurants, etc., based on race. We have not formed a consensus that it is wrong to invade other countries thousands of miles away that pose no threat to our existence. On the contrary, we do it all the time."

  • Then Verne Gagne Moved!

    by Jim Loewen

    The story of the fake wrestler who started out as a real one -- and the lesson historians should draw from this.

  • How 20th Century: Going to the Library to Get a Book

    by Jim Loewen

    "Our grandchildren, having grown used to nature-deficit-disorder, having adjusted to a society without civic acts, having abandoned face-to-face interaction even when face to face, won't even know what this essay is about."