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UCLA Professor Accused Of Sexually Harassing Grad Students Is Returning

UCLA history professor Gabriel Piterberg is scheduled to return to campus Friday after a suspension and sabbatical that followed sexual harassment complaints by two graduate students.

Piterberg was suspended without pay for the spring 2015 term as part of a settlement in which the university agreed to drop its Title IX harassment investigation and issue no findings in complaints filed by the two graduate students. The suspension, coincidentally, began as the professor embarked on a European fellowship in March 2015.

Despite objections by history professors and students, Piterberg is due to return July 1 — the same day one of his accusers is to submit her doctoral dissertation.

Graduate students Nefertiti Takla and Kristen Glasgow filed a federal lawsuit against UCLA a year ago, claiming the university showed indifference to their complaints that Piterberg sexually harassed them for years. Takla, who is putting the finishing touches on her doctorate, said Piterberg tried to force his tongue down her mouth. ...

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