The Roundup Top Ten for May 20, 2022


White Power, White Violence, and the Open-Source Manual for Terrorism

by Kathleen Belew

The Buffalo shooter's manifesto doesn't need to be coherent or reality-based; its function will be to give instruction to future white supremacist terrorists within growing networks.


The Undiscussed Backlash to Brown v. Board: The Sidelining of Black Educators

by Leslie T. Fenwick

Brown v. Board was meant to ensure that children of different racial groups would share classrooms. But resistance to allowing Black teachers and principals to oversee white students' education led an estimated 100,000 Black educators to leave their profession. 



SCOTUS is Enabling a Backlash Against Free Sexual Expression

by Rebecca L. Davis

The history of legislation aimed at suppressing "vice" shows that abortion is tied to other forms of free sexual expression. The last sweeping attack on sexual freedom took decades to reverse.



The Abortion Rights Movement Needs Something More than Voting

by Spencer Beswick

Anarchists and other more radical reproductive justice activists have pioneered direct action and mutual aid methods that will be needed to make sure women can access abortion after Roe.  



Buffalo Mass Shooting Demands We Think About American Racism

by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

The gunman's manifesto shows the dangerous convergence on the right of anti-Black racism and a belief in white persecution. It also shows why the right is working so hard to fight teaching about racism in history classes. 



We're Facing the Results of the Dems' Retreat from Secularism

by Jacques Berlinerblau

By trying to match the Republicans on bringing Christian faith into policy, Democrats abandoned the difficult but necessary struggles to define how a diverse society protects religious freedom for majority and minority faiths – and those of no faith. 



Why American Christians "Back the Blue" so Fervently

by Aaron Griffith

Evangelicals within police forces and in the public at large have been encouraged to understand a scriptural mandate for police authority that often short-circuits consideration of other Christian obligations for justice, argues a historian of evangelical attitudes toward law and order. 



Women Know You Can't Just Replace Formula with Breastfeeding

by Laura Earls

Breastfeeding advocacy is historically tied as much to a prescriptive and sentimental image of motherhood and maternal attachment as to concern for babies' health, and has long ignored physical and social obstacles to nursing. 



America's School Funding is Kleptocracy in Action

by Esther Cyna

The American system of funding schools largely through local property taxes contributes to inequalities both obvious and subtle that amount to legal dispossession of poor and minority students by denying them access to quality education. 



Will Businesses Get Beyond Superficial Feminist Gestures when Abortion Rights are at Stake?

by Natalia Mehlman Petrzela

Businesses have successfully integrated ideas about female empowerment into their marketing strategies. What will happen when women's status as both consumers and citizens is threatened by the rollback of reproductive rights?


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