Former Mississippi Governor Slams Tate Reeves over Confederate Heritage Remarks

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Former Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus has taken issue with recent comments by current Governor Tate Reeves.

The issue stems from Reeves’ recent declaration of Confederate Heritage Month--something he’s also done in the past two years.

When asked, Reeves said the declaration was also made, “in the same manner and fashion that the five governors who came before me, Republicans and Democrats alike, for over 30 years.” He added that he did not think now was the time to stop doing so.

Mabus, one of Reeves’ five preceding governors, says this claim is false. Mabus, a Democrat, served as Mississippi’s governor from 1988 to 1992.

A 2021 investigation by Mississippi Today found that the initial proclamation was done in 1993, under Republican Governor Kirk Fordice.

It’s been signed each year since, though former Democratic Governor Ronnie Musgrove has said in hindsight that the proclamation was not done in a fair manner.

The proclamation from 1993 is nearly identical to the one Reeves has signed while in office.

On top of this, Mabus referred to Fordice as “an overt White supremacist” and said using tradition as an excuse doesn’t make the proclamation the right thing to do.


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