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Why Women's History Month is in March

Every March, we look forward to taking the time to celebrate the power of women. From everyday women to thecelebrities we admire, we're always up to get schooled on girl power. So, when it comes to Women's History Month, we have some questions, like why is it in March, and how did it even come to be in the first place? We've answered that (and more) below.

In March of 1910, the Second International Conference of Women was held in Copenhagen, according to the University of Chicago.

In the United States, 17 countries were represented by nearly 100 women who advocated for their gender through various clubs, unions and socialist parties. They also formed demonstrations that pushed for voting rights, in addition to better working conditions and pay for female-dominated trades, like the textile industry.

At the gathering, it was decided the next year would mark the world's first International Woman's Day (later changed to "womens'" day) and it was officially celebrated on March 8, 1911.

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