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  • Originally published 12/01/2017

    Working Moms Have Been A 'Thing' Since Ancient History

    By studying the bones of ancient women in Europe, archaeologists at the University of Cambridge have uncovered a hidden history of women's manual labor, from the early days of farming about 7,500 years ago up until about 2,000 years ago.

  • Originally published 06/02/2017

    The Two Women’s Movements

    Kim Phillips-Fein

    Feminism has been on the march since the 1970s, but so has the conservative backlash.

  • Originally published 03/13/2017

    50 Women Who Made American Political History

    TIME takes a look back at 50 influential women — specifically, women who ran for, were appointed to or married into a role in the U.S. government — who have helped define the history of American civic life.

  • Originally published 03/09/2017

    National Park Service Commemorates Women’s History Month

    “National parks reflect the stories of woman who were pioneers, innovators, and leaders; and we take our responsibility to preserve and share these stories with visitors today and future generations very seriously.”

  • Originally published 09/23/2016

    The Year of the American Woman?

    Manisha Sinha

    Trump’s unadulterated sexist criticisms of Hillary questioning her “mental capacity,” “physical stramina,” and recently claiming that she does not look Presidential, evoke arguments made by anti-suffragists nearly a century ago. 

  • Originally published 09/20/2016

    Remember Working-Class Feminism!

    Thomas J. Sugrue

    Most feminists aren’t on campuses demanding safe spaces. They’re getting up at 6 a.m. and heading to underpaid, “pink-collar” jobs.

  • Originally published 02/16/2016

    Freedom Trail Pilots New Revolutionary Women Tour

    In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Freedom Trail Foundation announces a first-time ever opportunity to experience and discover the women who took part in the American Revolution, and the generations of women that followed, inaugurating their own struggles for freedom and equality.

  • Originally published 10/20/2015

    White House is searching for the origins of women’s rights

    White House chief technology officer Megan Smith on Wednesday launched a nationwide search for the original "Declaration of Sentiments," the document signed in July 1848 at the Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, N.Y..

  • Originally published 08/30/2015

    'Sexist' Paris streets renamed in the name of feminism

    A feminist organization has changed the street signs of a Paris neighbourhood so that they bear women's names instead, protesting the lack of streets in the city named after famous female figures.

  • Originally published 08/06/2015

    Poll: Americans want Eleanor Roosevelt on $10 bill

    In the weeks since the U.S. Treasury announced it would put a woman on the newly redesigned $10 bill, Americans have changed their mind about who they think should be the first woman to be featured on paper currency in more than a century.

  • Originally published 08/04/2015

    Year of the Woman

    In the fall of 1973, a documentary following women’s rights proponents at the 1972 Democratic Convention played at a small Greenwich Village theater to crowds wrapping around the block. But after a limited run, the film disappeared for more than 40 years.

  • Originally published 07/29/2015

    Novels About Real-Life Women Are Saving Forgotten History

    Women have, throughout history, been secondary—often recorded (if at all) as complementary, or as muse to man’s genius. But now, as modern societies are re-appraising the value of women, so too are books evolving to match.

  • Originally published 07/18/2015

    The 1970s Feminist Heroine and Who She Left Behind

    Bruce Chadwick

    Whatever happened to all of the firebrand 1970s freedom-now feminists who filled the covers of the news magazines? What happened when the photographers went away? It's the plot of a new play.

  • Originally published 04/29/2015

    Linda Kerber is retiring

    Linda K. Kerber

    Now she has to figure out what to do with all her books and papers.

  • Originally published 03/19/2015

    March is National Women’s History Month

    The 2015 (NWHM) Honorees were chosen for their pioneering leadership and accomplishments in researching and sharing the details of women's lives.

  • Originally published 03/18/2015

    Spoof: Great Women of History (And Their Husbands)

    Host Peter Carlisle presents key women in history (and the husbands that made them who they are) in this collection of the popular Saturday Morning Special from 1987, the year of the first ever Women's History Month.

  • Originally published 10/21/2014

    GOP senators ripped for blocking museum

    House champions of legislation to jump-start the creation a women’s history museum in the nation’s capital are upping the pressure on Senate conservatives who are blocking the proposal in the upper chamber.