GOP senator – and historian – Ben Sasse, says he 'regularly' considers leaving Republican Party

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Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) acknowledged on Twitter Saturday morning that he "regularly" considers leaving the Republican Party.

Sasse responded to a Twitter user who said they switched from being a member of the Democratic Party to being a "no-party" voter and asked the GOP senator if he ever considered following suit.

"Yep - regularly consider it (except the 'from Dem' part)" Sasse wrote. Sasse frequently criticizes his own party and President Trump.

Social media users quickly responded, arguing that Trump has pushed lifelong Republicans from the party.

"He is accelerating the trend, obviously," Sasse said to the claim. "But it didn't start two years ago. (Eg, you should check out the polling on the giant share of Democrats that believed George W. Bush knowingly concealed the 9/11 plot against America.)" ...

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