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More Devoted to Order Than to Justice

by Ibram X. Kendi

Political moderates who counsel against confrontation and warn of incivility would abandon the tools that have changed America for the better.

This was the most gutting month for liberals in half a century

by Todd Gitlin

Does the arc of the moral universe still bend toward justice?

After the Supreme Court blow, unions should look to a new model: the NRA

by Heather Cox Richardson

Historic battles between business and ordinary people have played out in America’s top court before. Now, it is happening again.

"Abolish ICE" is a massive political mistake

by Julian Zelizer

While focusing on ICE is an extremely important debate, and dismantling the agency might the be the best policy decision, it carries enormous short-term political risks for the Democrats going into the midterm elections.

How Supreme Court Nominations Lost Their Apolitical Pretense

by David Greenberg

It used to be that nobody would admit to opposing a nominee for ideological reasons. Should we be happy that illusion is over?

Why Americans have long been fascinated by gunfighting preachers

by Steve Pinkerton

The anser involves two facts: 1. The US has the largest Christian population in the world, and 2. Americans love guns.

Genocide hoax tests ethics of academic publishing

by Reuben Rose-Redwood

An academic journal published a controversial article advocating for colonialism last fall. Would academic journals also publish an outrageous article advocating for genocide?

Like Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan tried to keep out asylum seekers

by Carly Goodman

Activists thwarted him.

Poland's Muslim Ban

by Daniel Pipes

Why have Poles responded so differently from Western Europeans to Muslim migration?

Historians for Prison Abolition

by Eric Morgenson

The same companies that house prisoners are also paid by the government to house immigrants, creating a problem that sits at the intersection of race and capitalism.

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