Hitler Did Not Escape to the Moon or Argentina, He’s Still Dead, Study Concludes

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According to the official histories, Adolf Hitler took his own life in a bunker deep below Berlin as his precious empire crumbled above him. Hitler’s body, or what was left of it, was never presented by the Allies. As such, many conspiracy theorists believe the dictator was able to slip through the tightening Soviet noose and disappear.

Some think the Führer escaped by U-boat to Argentina, while other creative thinkers suggest he found his way to a Nazi base in Antarctica, or even on the dark side of the Moon.

A new study, however, has dashed all the conspiracy theories, whether mundane or bizarre. After studying teeth recovered from a shell hole outside the Führerbunker, scientists have concluded that one of history's most reviled figures did in fact meet his end amid the ruins of the Third ReichAFP reports.

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