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  • Originally published 02/26/2018

    The lesson of Rosenstrasse at 75

    Nathan Stoltzfus and Mordecai Paldiel

    German wives who protested attacks on their Jewish husbands in 1943 show that even authoritarians like Hitler can be influenced by mass action.

  • Originally published 02/09/2018

    Who Killed More: Hitler, Stalin, or Mao?

    Ian Johnson

    7 years ago historian Timothy Snyder asked the provocative question: Who killed more, Hitler or Stalin? Maybe he should have included Mao, too.

  • Originally published 11/28/2017

    The BDS Movement Has Come to Kansas

    Edwin Black

    It's split the Mennonites and ended in a lawsuit protesting a Kansas law that bans discrimination against Israel.

  • Originally published 04/12/2017

    Hitler refused to use sarin during WWII. The mystery is why.

    Over the years, historians (armchair and scholarly) and psychologists have speculated that maybe Hitler didn’t use sarin because he was a victim of a mustard gas attack in 1918, during World War I, and knew the misery of such weapons.

  • Originally published 02/17/2017

    Trump's America and the rise of the authoritarian personality

    Magnus Linden

    Since the horror of Hitler’s Holocaust, psychologists have investigated why certain individuals appear more prone to follow orders from authority figures, even if it means that they have to sacrifice humanitarian values while doing so.

  • Originally published 02/10/2017

    How to Radicalize a Peaceful Minority

    Benjamin W. Goossen

    There is no better way to turn a religious minority against a nation than by maligning, detaining, and excluding them.

  • Originally published 12/19/2016

    How Germany’s electoral college was set up to prevent another Hitler

    German post-war politicians were horrified by the possibility of another fascist populist gaining widespread support among the public. So they decided to make the election of the German president a decision of a Federal Assembly, which meets only for that purpose.

  • Originally published 10/26/2016

    Seeing Hitler Everywhere

    Uri Friedman

    “As a rule Hitler comparisons are not about fairness. They have a political purpose.”

  • Originally published 06/13/2016

    Italian paper offers readers Hitler's Mein Kampf

    A rightwing Italian newspaper, owned by Silvio Berlusconi's brother, was today giving away free copies of Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic manifesto Mein Kampf in a move which sparked both shock and condemnation.

  • Originally published 05/03/2016

    Hitler and the Nazis’ Anti-Zionism

    Jeffrey Herf

    During the Cold War the Soviet Union, its Warsaw Pact Allies and the Western far-left spread a variety of lies about the history of Zionism, the most famous of these falsehoods being the assertion that Hitler and the Nazi regime were supporters of Zionism.

  • Originally published 03/28/2016

    The Man Who Turned Hitler Into Hitler

    Robert K. Wittman and David Kinney

    In this prologue to the mesmerizing The Devil’s Diary, we meet Alfred Rosenberg, the evil mastermind who more than anyone shaped Hitler’s thinking.

  • Originally published 03/21/2016

    No, Trump Won’t Be Another Hitler

    Adam Mala

    For one thing, it is hard to envision how a man of almost 70 who spent his entire life working in the private sector could be a Hitler due to his age. History shows that becoming a despot is a young(ish) man’s game.  

  • Originally published 01/12/2016

    Father of Koch Brothers Helped Build Nazi Oil Refinery, Book Says

    The book is largely focused on the Koch family, stretching back to its involvement in the far-right John Birch Society and the political and business activities of the father, Fred C. Koch, who found some of his earliest business success overseas in the years leading up to World War II.

  • Originally published 10/01/2015

    Ben Carson: 'Hitler' could happen here

    At a campaign event in New Hampshire, Carson noted that many people believe a situation like what took place in Germany in the 1930's and 1940's could never happen in America.

  • Originally published 02/27/2015

    Was Hitler a Normal Leader?

    Gavriel D. Rosenfeld

    Increasingly, he and the Nazis are being normalized. Is this a good thing?

  • Originally published 01/21/2015

    Protest leader quits amid 'Hitler' row

    The head of Germany's "anti-Islamisation" movement has quit after a photo showing him apparently posing as Hitler was published in newspapers.

  • Originally published 06/05/2014

    The Art Hitler Hated

    Michael Kimmelman

    A good deal of it what the Nazis called Entartete Kunst, or degenerate art.

  • Originally published 05/18/2014

    Anti-Muslim bus ad to feature Hitler

    The ad:  “Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran. Two-thirds of all US aid goes to Islamic countries. Stop Racism. End all aid to Islamic countries.”

  • Originally published 06/06/2013

    Historians' report on Finance Ministry under Nazis concludes it was key to Hitler's agenda

    BERLIN - Germany's Finance Ministry has released the first part of an independent commission's investigation into its Nazi past, showing civil servants played an important role in Hitler's anti-Semitic agenda.The book released Monday, "Bureaucracy and Crimes" by historian Christiane Kuller, concludes that the ministry played a key role in stripping Jews of their money and possessions.In a presentation at the ministry — a Nazi-built building that served as Luftwaffe headquarters — Kuller said after the war the ministry's civil servants claimed they were only following rules and regulations they were given.But she found the long-term employees used their knowledge with "high efficiency" to apply existing regulations "systematically in a racist way."...

  • Originally published 06/06/2013

    Secret photos of Hitler's bunker

    Robert Conrad knew things could get uncomfortable. There were the guards, the explosions, the dark tunnels. He could easily stumble across a detonation in progress, run into a policeman or even land himself in jail.And yet, in the summer of 1987, Conrad donned a construction worker's coverall and a hardhat and hid his camera, a Praktica model with a 35-millimeter wide-angle lens, in a leather shoulder bag of the type carried by many workers in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) at the time. To lend his disguise verisimilitude, Conrad made sure a Thermos jug could be seen poking out of his bag. He wanted to be absolutely sure to look just like any normal construction worker.Thus disguised, the photographer snuck up to the fence around the construction site on Berlin's Otto Grotewohl Strasse and climbed over the barrier. Once inside, he had to suppress the impulse to start running. "I walked very slowly across the site, as if on eggshells, so no one would notice me," he recalls. Conrad was uneasy. Where was the entrance into this underworld of dark concrete ruins that had been buried for decades under Berlin's streets? Would he be able to climb down into the infamous "Führer's bunker," where Adolf Hitler shot himself in April 1945?...

  • Originally published 05/21/2013

    Masha Gessen: Are Totalitarianisms Like Snowflakes?

    Masha Gessen is a journalist in Moscow and the author of “The Man Without a Face,” a biography of Vladimir Putin.MOSCOW — Just saying that a Jew should have been made into a lampshade does not make you an anti-Semite, or so a prominent columnist asserted recently. And just because both Nazism and Soviet Communism were totalitarian regimes does not mean they are comparable. Such arguments, counterarguments and variations of them have dominated Russian blogs, social networks and some of the traditional media for the last week.

  • Originally published 02/02/2013

    Obamacare = Holocaust?

    As the debate over Idaho's proposed state health insurance exchange heats up, state Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll (R) compared the role of insurance companies to "the Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps," saying the federal government is using private insurers and in the future will "pull the trigger" on them, the Idaho Spokesman-Review reports.Nuxoll defended the analogy: "I felt badly for the Jews - it wasn't just Jews, but Jews, and Christians, and Catholics, and priests. My thing was they didn't know what was going on. The insurance companies are not realizing what's going to end up in their demise."

  • Originally published 01/11/2013

    Klemens von Klemperer Dies at 96; Wrote of Nazi Era

    Klemens von Klemperer, a refugee from Nazi Germany who wrote what is widely considered the seminal history of the movement among the country’s conservative elite to overthrow Hitler, died on Dec. 23 at his home in Easthampton, Mass. He was 96.His death was confirmed by his son, James.Dr. von Klemperer, an emeritus professor of history at Smith College, was one of a generation of refugee historians who helped lay the groundwork for modern German and European studies in the United States, a group that also included Hajo Holborn, Fritz Stern and Peter Gay.A privileged child who came from a family of German bankers and industrialists, he had taken a leading role in demonstrations against Hitler as a student in Vienna before fleeing to the United States in 1938....

  • Originally published 11/22/2017

    Samuel Untermyer: The Superlawyer Who Took on Hitler

    Gil Troy

    The cut-throat qualities that made Untermyer the first American lawyer to nab a one-million-dollar fee morphed into aesthetic impulses that made his multi-million bulb garden grow.

  • Originally published 11/22/2017

    Samuel Untermyer: The Superlawyer Who Took on Hitler

    Gil Troy

    The cut-throat qualities that made Untermyer the first American lawyer to nab a one-million-dollar fee morphed into aesthetic impulses that made his multi-million bulb garden grow.

  • Originally published 07/04/2016

    Inside the Nazi Camp on Long Island

    Gil Troy

    Next door to a Germans-only colony featuring streets named Hitler and Goebbels was a youth camp with swastikas on bunks and Hitler Youth short shorts.