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How Trump Channels the 1970s

by Julian E. Zelizer

The one consistent message coming out of the White House was born in the 1970s: Don’t trust any institution.

How birth-control leaders found allies in American religious groups

by Linda Gordon

"I suspect that I am not the only secular person who often assumed, however unconsciously, that politically active religious groups in America today are mainly illiberal."

The End of Impeachment

by Elizabeth Drew

How both Republicans and Democrats are undermining a crucial constitutional tool to oust an unfit president.

Trump Wants America to Revert to the Queens of His Childhood

by Thomas B. Edsall

His contentious views on immigration and integration have their roots in the ethnic and racial transformation of his home borough.

Textbook Racism

by Donald Yacovone

How scholars sustained white supremacy.

Gunboat Diplomacy and the Ghost of Captain Mahan

by Alfred W. McCoy

Or How China and the U.S. Are Spawning a New Great Power Naval Rivalry

Where does MLK fit in today's #MeToo world?

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Should we judge him by today's standards?

The Version of Martin Luther King the White House Is Peddling Is a Crime Against History

by Charles P. Pierce

Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn't invent White Martin. Perhaps all of us did.

The Pitchforks Are Out For McKinley

by Karl Rove

McKinley's record: He advocated civil rights for blacks, welcomed immigrants, and took on anti-Catholic bigots.

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