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It's about time people take Oprah seriously as a presidential candidate

by Jeremy C. Young

Jeremy Young, the author of "The Age of Charisma," has long promoted her candidacy.

Donald Trump’s Year of Living Dangerously

by Susan B. Glasser

It’s worse than you think.

What Happened to the European Union?

by Michael Kimmage

William Drozdiak's new book charts the tensions that have divided a continent.

The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish

by Audrea Lim

How the 'Model minority" myth blends with racist ideology.

A talk with little Donnie Trump

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Donald, we have to have one of our little talks.

The deterrence myth

by David P Barash

Nuclear deterrence continues to dominate international relations. Yet there is no proof it ever worked, nor that it ever will.

How Trump Is Making Us Rethink American Exceptionalism

by Joshua Zeitz

This past year has shown that the U.S. is far from immune to the forces shaping the rest of the world.

The Future of Work, a History

by Kevin Baker

America has a long, complicated track record of dreading that robots would take our jobs.

Win the war on terror with Lansdale's Cold-War era 'friendly persuasion'

by Max Boot

Ground troops aren't the answer. America needs a new generation of advisers who practice patience and build trust with friendly but weak regimes.

Why Michael Wolff’s book made me think about Hitler’s ascent

by Richard Cohen

In any reading of the rise of Nazi Germany, you come to a dead stop: How did this happen?

From Resistance to Nullification to What Next?

by Victor Davis Hanson

Trump’s critics ratchet up to insurrection, but Trump’s tax reforms and our growing economy could derail their dreams.

The Other Terrifying Lesson of the Cuban Missile Crisis

by George Perkovich

Historians have focused on how John F. Kennedy’s wisdom narrowly averted a nuclear catastrophe. They’ve paid less attention to how little we knew about the Soviets’ true intentions.

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