A talk with little Donnie Trump

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Jonathan Zimmerman (jlzimm@aol.com) teaches education and history at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the co-author of “The Case for Contention: Teaching Controversial Issues in American Schools.”

“One hundred percent of the people around him ... say he is like a child.”

— Michael Wolff, author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”

Donald, we have to have one of our little talks.

I know you don’t like it when I say that. You’d rather be texting on your phone or playing with the Air Force One plane we gave you. And you’d rather forget about all of those mean things that Mr. Wolff said about you.

But you can’t. Sometimes, when a grown-up says something bad, it hurts. It really hurts. And it’s hard to get it out of your head.

So what can you do? The first thing, my boy, is to stop watching so much television. They're talking 24/7 about Mr. Wolff now. It's too much.

And if you just hang around the White House, staring at that big bank of flat-screens, you’ll start thinking that TV is like the real world. But it's not. It’s just pretend.

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