The five big questions for year two of the Trump presidency

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Julian Zelizer is a history and public affairs professor at Princeton University and the author of "The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Great Society." He's also the co-host of the "Politics & Polls" podcast. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own.

This has been one hell of a year. As a historian who spends much of his time analyzing past variations of our current situation, I can say that this year has been one for the record books. The topsy-turvy universe that President Trump has created in Washington has left many heads spinning. On a daily basis, it has been hard to know what will come next. From the tweets to the Russia investigation to the tax cut, 2017 was unbelievable. 

What looms on the horizon for 2018? What are some of the questions that will play a big role in shaping the direction of our politics and the legacy of the Trump presidency? 

Here are five big ones.

Is political outrage over? 

There is a continued expectation that the next new revelation about the Trump administration will cross the line of acceptability. That has been the ongoing theme of the past year. When President Trump blatantly makes false claims on Twitter or when he wavers on condemningwhite nationalist groups, there are inevitable predictions of his political demise. Some of his critics cling to hope that a new finding from Robert Mueller's Russia investigation will be the last straw -- that a new discovery will finally make the Republican Congress say, "This is enough!"

But what if the President's antics have proven that President Trump can, in fact, do just about anything and get away with it? Perhaps the dysfunction in our political system has become so severe that we are politically numb. Our expectations are so low and our experiences are so bad that everything is now acceptable, or at least will be tolerated. Year two of the Trump presidency will be a test for our times. ...

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