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Bit by bit, Trump is taking apart the New Deal’s glorious legacy

by Heather Cox Richardson

With huge tax cuts projected to create a $1.5tn deficit, cuts to social security and Medicare will surely follow.

How a reporting mistake nearly derailed the Watergate investigation — and how journalists recovered

by Jon Marshall

Today’s journalists would do well to remember these lessons.

Trump’s ‘Blue Water’ Foreign Policy

by Walter Russell Mead

The administration’s new security strategy is reminiscent of Pax Britannica.

Liberals, make some distinctions

by Jonathan Zimmerman

‘Zero tolerance’ didn’t work in schools and it won’t work with sexual misconduct.

Behind the Pentagon Papers: The beginning of Nixon’s end

by Ken Hughes

What was Nixon trying to hide? Here’s a comprehensive timeline of his descent into paranoia and lawlessness.

Lessons from an Unseemly Presidential Transition—From Hoover to F.D.R.

by Amy Davidson Sorkin

Hoover and FDR didn't tweet, but they did trade telegrams. Their exchange during the transition shows how power is exercised.

Weighing up the evidence for the ‘Historical Jesus’

by Raphael Lataster

Did a man called Jesus of Nazareth walk the earth?

The Fantasy of an International Jerusalem

by Martin Kramer

One-hundred years ago, over a lunch, the internationalization of Jerusalem became irrelevant—and it remains so.

China’s Cover-Up

by Orville Schell

China has become “the People’s Republic of Amnesia.”

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