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The Republican Tax Bill Is a Poison Pill That Kills the New Deal

by Heather Cox Richardson

Today’s Republicans would have fit right into Herbert Hoover’s administration.

Obama is right: US democracy is fragile

by Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Signs abound that our freedoms are under siege, not only from foreign enemies such as Vladimir Putin but also from forces inside our country, starting with the radicalized elements of the Republican Party.

Why the Russia Scandal Is Nothing Like Watergate

by Jeff Greenfield

Imagining how Nixon would have fared in today’s political climate.

The evangelical slippery slope, from Ronald Reagan to Roy Moore

by Randall Balmer

After Reagan (who was divorced) evangelicals stopped talking about divorce. After Trump and Roy Moore they can’t talk about sexual assault.

No one should be surprised by journalism’s sexual harassment problem

by Kathryn J. McGarr

Women in the industry have long been treated as second-class citizens.

Slavery, the Plantation Myth, and Alternative Facts

by Tyler Parry

As early as 1866, Edward A. Pollard’s book The Lost Cause: A New Southern History of the Confederates claimed to present “a severely just account of the War” to contend against the “false schools of public opinion.”

Secrecy in the Senate

by Katlyn Marie Carter

To the framers, working in secret was meant to deliver enlightened legislation.

What Liberals Can Learn From Conservatism

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Criticizing the president with the kind of radical rhetoric he uses is toxic for American democracy.

Roy Moore Is Strangely Nostalgic for Slavery Days

by Tim Murphy

When “families were strong.”

We need more government, not less, in the war on poverty

by Mehrsa Baradaran

The myth of the “dependent” poor

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