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Another way Trump will get us Killed: to move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

by Juan Cole

Israel conquered most of Jerusalem and its hinterlands in 1967. It then annexed these regions in a quite illegal move.

Why abortion — not sexual misconduct — is likely to decide the Alabama Senate race

by Stacie Taranto

Roy Moore is trying to save himself with a tried and true conservative move: resorting to the politics of abortion.

Donald Trump’s Brains

by Jacob Heilbrunn

Among the many anomalies of Donald Trump’s presidency has been the near invisibility of institutions that for many years served as a bulwark of Republican policymaking.

Discriminating in the name of religion? Segregationists and slaveholders did it, too.

by Tisa Wenger

The Supreme Court must reject these claims.

Daniel Ellsberg Is Still Thinking About the Papers He Didn’t Get to Leak

by Andrew Rice

It turns out that Ellsberg also took many thousands of pages of documents pertaining to another subject: nuclear war.

The chairman of everything: why Chinese president Xi Jinping will change history

by Graham Allison

One of the world’s leading foreign policy experts explores the rise of an all-powerful leader.

The Last Time We Fought A Preemptive War In The Middle East

by Jane Dailey

A history lesson for the Trump administration.

What Historians Keep Getting Wrong about Robert E. Lee

by Colin Woodward

To start with, he wasn't an aristocrat.

Big Rocket Man

by Garry Wills

Even a soldier in the field must disobey a truly disastrous order from a manifestly disabled officer. The commander in chief has to be held to the same standard as his subordinate commanders, for the preservation of the people.

Did America Commit War Crimes in Vietnam?

by Cody J. Foster

Bertrand Russell helped start a movement to hold governments responsible when they violate human rights.

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