Virginia's Capitol adds a new monument that no one will protest

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At year’s end, we reflect on events that have transpired in previous months. We recognize the debate that has ensued over the monuments and landmarks in our history-rich state that attracts tourists from the world over who wish to learn about the birthplace of America.

For well over a year, the idea of expanding the pool of historical figures memorialized with a public monument has taken on a new urgency. The Virginia Capitol Foundation and Virginia Women’s Monument Commission have partnered to diversify Virginia’s monuments through the construction of a unique tribute to women of the commonwealth on Capitol Square in Richmond.

On Monday (Dec. 4), we will break ground on the first phase of the Virginia Women’s Monument, Voices from the Garden. This first-of-its-kind monument will feature statues of 12 remarkable Virginia women from various cultural backgrounds and walks of life, and will represent more than 400 years of accomplishment.

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