Scholars of Slavery Force a Public Reckoning

Historians in the News
tags: slavery, Confederate Monuments, Confederate Heritage

Scholarship on the history of slavery has leapt beyond academe to force a societal reckoning. As America confronts its past, historians are asking new questions, pushing colleges, corporations, cities, museums, and governments to account for their ties to slavery.

Stained by Slavery

How Craig Steven Wilder exposed higher education’s past

Shackles and Dollars Historians and economists clash over slavery

Buried History

How far should a university go to face its slave past?

An Antidote for American Amnesia

How Should We Memorialize Slavery?

What happens when research collides with public memory

Tiya Miles maps forgotten corners of slave history

The Scholars Behind the Quest for Reparations

The Long Reach of David Brion Davis The historian’s in uence has been enormous, if not always obvious 

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