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The Founding Fathers provided us with a way out of troubled presidency — the direct, doable process of impeachment

by Barbara Radnofsky

The Founding Fathers, after all, won a revolution against a tyrannical chief executive — “Mad” King George III of England. They were fearful of a similar kind of leader taking charge in the new United States.

What the 'Trumpification' of the presidency means to Generation Z

by Julian Zelizer

If Richard Nixon taught the baby boomers that they could never fully trust a president, Trump is erasing any expectation whatsoever that the president should aim to heal and lift the dignity of the Republic.

A Confederate general who was erased from history

by Roanoke Times Editorial

The conversation these days is about whether Confederate statues should be taken down. Here’s a question nobody is asking: Which Confederate statues should we be putting up? Why are there not statues to William Mahone?

Trump Is the New ________

by Zachary Jonathan Jacobson

Nixon? Reagan? Jackson? Historical analogies are simplistic, misleading—and absolutely essential.

The Casting Couch Perverts Who Peddled Fairy Tales

by Gil Troy

Hollywood always has, still is, and likely will be full of predators. But two of the most prolific were also two men who dramatically changed the industry.

Spies on Campus: The CIA and the FBI from the Indochina Wars to the “War on Terror”

by Daniel Golden

Once upon a time the CIA was banned from campuses. No more. Here's how the change took place.

Yes, Bush Was That Bad

by Corey Robin

Can we please stop rehabilitating Republican ghouls?

Tillerson tells Iraqi Shiite Militias to “go home.” Sad.

by Juan Cole

There is one problem. There are no Iranian militias in Iraq.

There's More to the Story About General Pershing's Campaign Against Muslims

by Paul A. Kramer

Donald Trump's claims were debunked. But what the commentators tended to underplay or overlook was that Pershing, while he did not order the shooting of prisoners as far as we know, did participate in forms of warfare that used pigs and the threat of pigs to spread terror in Moro society.

How WW II American Leaders in North Africa Learned to Disregard the Interests of Jews

by Michael Doran

Old fashioned anti-Semitism played a role, but the greater part had to do with a fear, justified or not, of provoking the Arabs.

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