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There are women who back the KKK and Neo-Nazis, too

by Arica L. Coleman

Blaming 'Bad Dudes' Masks the Role of Women in the History of White Nationalism

America has forgotten the value of the humanities at the moment it needs them most

by Katherine Pickering Antonova

The challenges this country faces are a direct result of abandoning the humanities — and only the humanities can help us solve them.

The Worst 1st Year of Foreign Policy Ever

by Melvyn P. Leffler

Most presidents struggle in their first year as commander in chief. But Donald Trump got tired of winning before he started.

Mark Lilla Is Getting Identity Politics All Wrong

by Joshua Zeitz

Appealing to voters' tribal instincts is a time-honored American tradition. Because it works.

The Making and the Breaking of the Legend of Robert E. Lee

by Eric Foner

Whatever the fate of his statues and memorials, so long as the legacy of slavery continues to bedevil American society, it seems unlikely that historians will return Lee, metaphorically speaking, to his pedestal.

America Wasn’t Built for Humans

by Andrew Sullivan

Tribalism was an urge our Founding Fathers assumed we could overcome. And so it has become our greatest vulnerability.

James Burnham mutated from firebrand revolutionary to National Review co-editor

by Alan Wald

Today he is getting a second life all over the conservative press.

All-or-nothing politics belittles us all

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Its hallmarks are the complete denigration of your foes and a refusal to give any ground even when confronted by facts that don’t fit your point of view.

Is Diversity Tearing the United States Apart?

by Victor Davis Hanson

If America’s set of values becomes a pick-and-choose potpourri, there is no unity. And then America will certainly become yet another one of history’s casualties of diversity.

The United States Was Responsible for the 1982 Massacre of Palestinians in Beirut

by Rashid Khalidi

Washington had explicitly guaranteed their safety—and recently declassified documents reveal that US diplomats were told by the Israelis what they and their allies might be up to.

How the Vietnam War Broke the American Presidency

by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

The war opened the credibility gap. What we’ve learned since has only widened it.

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