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America must listen to its prisoners before we make a major mistake

by Heather Ann Thompson

We’re in danger of repeating the mistake we made after Attica when we let prison reforms fizzle.

The CIA's Tortured Historical Amnesia

by Kristie Macrakis

What to do about it.

The South Doesn’t Own Slavery

by Tiya Miles

Rooting out racial injustice only in former Confederate States ignores our country’s true history.

Rules for Radicals

by Alan Wolfe

A right-wing economist’s plan to rig democracy for the rich.

How a Court Answered a Forgotten Question of Slavery’s Legacy

by Arica L. Coleman

The question was whether black slaves held by the Cherokee are entitled to the rights of the Cherokee. The answer is yes.

How 9/11 triggered democracy’s decline

by Jeremi Suri

The attack spawned wars to export democracy abroad, while degrading it at home.

The Man the Presidency Changed

by Scott S. Greenberger

What a forgotten commander in chief can teach Donald Trump.

Is America Still a ‘Nation of Ideas’?

by Jedediah Purdy

Warring tribes or united by principle: Donald Trump’s presidency forces a question we haven’t had to answer in generations.

The cost of coastal capitalism: How greedy developers left Miami ripe for destruction

by Andrew W. Kahrl

Building on vulnerable coastlines isn't about ignorance or hubris — it's about profit.

Antifa Says It’s Fighting Fascists. It Just Might Be Helping to Re-Elect Donald Trump.

by Ronald Radosh

The German Reds had the slogan ‘After Hitler, Us,’ and used their energy and propaganda not against the Nazis, but against the mainstream socialists. It didn’t end well.

The Pentagon's New Wonder Weapons For World Dominion

by Alfred W. McCoy

Or Buck Rogers in the 21st Century

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