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Will Trump lower the nuclear bar?

by George F. Will

Ten months after Nov. 8, that day’s costs, until now largely aesthetic, are suddenly, although not altogether unpredictably, more serious than were perhaps contemplated by his 62,984,825 voters.

Calculating The Risk Of Preventive War

by Max Boot

The issue of “preemptive” war is more in the news now than at any time since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The First White President

by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The foundation of Donald Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy.

The Nixon Question

by Garry Wills

Those are the times when we seek out something—anything—with enough similarity to the new person or thing, to guess what we are dealing with. Nixon comes to mind when thinking about Trump.

The Preacher Whose Statue Was Booted for Reagan

by Gil Troy

A decade ago, the anti-slavery preacher Thomas Starr King was removed from the Capitol and replaced by Ronald Reagan. Maybe his statue should be placed in a certain white house.

Did Outlawing War Actually Work?

by Chris Gehrz

Two Yale law professors claim in a new book that the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact helped end the practice of countries using war in a land grab. They mistake correlation with causation.

What Are Impeachable Offenses?

by Noah Feldman and Jacob Weisberg

Whether or not it is “worse than Watergate,” the Trump-Russia scandal differs from it in ways that bear directly on how impeachment might serve as a remedy today.

Why are so many white men so angry?

by Steven M. Gillon

The most important factor was the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965.

Bryn Mawr wrong to cleanse campus of references to former president

by Jonathan Zimmerman

When we remove the physical traces of discredited historical figures, we give ourselves more credit than we deserve. We forget that we live in history, too, and that we will be judged by it as well.

Obama’s Legacy Is Finally Coming Into Focus

by Jonathan Chait

Thanks to Donald Trump's attack on his legacy.

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