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The End of a Political Era: Movement Conservatism Gets Real

by Heather Cox Richardson

The ascendency of Donald Trump empowers movement conservatives to make their rhetoric real, but the reality is that voters don't want them to.

Forward to Yesteryear! Get Ready for the New Gilded Age

by Bernard A. Weisberger

The reel of Trumpian “reforms” always spins backward.

What those monuments stand for

by Manisha Sinha

There is one thing that the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who rallied to the defense of Robert E. Lee’s statue in Charlottesville got right: They understood the historical meaning of Confederate monuments.

Confederate Statues and ‘Our’ History

by Eric Foner

When Mr. Trump identifies statues commemorating Confederate leaders as essential parts of “our” history and culture, he is honoring a dark period in our history when citizenship was restricted to white people.

Trump Tears Down LBJ’s Great Society Piece by Piece

by Christina Greer

How the Trump election commission could corrode our civil rights from within.

Trump’s Defense of Confederate Symbols and Its Threat to Color-Blind Liberalism

by Tim Messer-Kruse

American color-blind liberalism depends on a less messy history, one with the moral clarity that is useful to deny the inherently racist nature of American government and society.

Worshiping the Confederacy is about white supremacy — even the Nazis thought so

by Nina Silber

Confederate memory nurtured fascism.

Baltimore’s Confederate Monument Was Never About ‘History And Culture’

by Jane Dailey

Why would a city in a state that sat out the Civil War erect a monument to Confederate generals in 1948?

The Strange Politics of ‘Classified’ Information

by Beverly Gage

Is it easier to keep secrets when you have fewer of them?

The whole point of Confederate monuments is to celebrate white supremacy

by Karen L. Cox

Confederate statues "served to rehabilitate white men — not as the losers of a war but, as a monument in Charlotte states, preservers of 'the Anglo-Saxon civilization of the South.' ”

Charlottesville and the Misuse of History

by Steve Gillon

The tragic events in Charlottesville were only the latest flash point in a crisis of white identity.

The Vulgar Manliness of Donald Trump

by Harvey Mansfield

The Greeks and the Founders feared men like the president, and with good reason.

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