Texas historians are pushing to remove Confederate symbols in Dallas

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Some see symbols of white supremacy. Others see local Confederate monuments as valuable pieces of history.

Protestors of a monument in Dallas are expected at City Hall to press for change.

Over the years, there have been waves of people who've taken issue with certain Confederate statues or building names. But now it seems the political fight is ratcheting up.

They tower over some of the city's most high profile areas. Monuments like the one of Robert E. Lee at Dallas' Lee Park and others near city hall pay homage to the Civil War and its leaders.

“It would be inappropriate for these statues that honor slave owners, stealers of human bodies, traffickers,” said Michael Phillips with North Texans for Historical Justice. “It would be inappropriate even if there weren't a single person of color in Dallas.”

To Phillips, an author and Collin College history professor, the monuments have simply got to go. ...

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