• Black America’s Neglected Origin Stories

    by Annette Gordon-Reed

    History education helps create "origin stories" for individuals and groups that affect how people see themselves and their society. The narrowness and incompleteness of African American history as taught in schools supports limited understandings of Black identity. 

  • Alamo Renovation Gets Stuck over Arguments about Slavery

    Renovations to the Alamo have hit a predictable political snag, as conservative Texans insist that the site maintain its denial about the slaveholding of many of the Alamo's defenders or the pro-slavery ambitions of the Republic of Texas and threaten to block bills encouraging more historically informed exhibits. 

  • Tensions Boil at UT-Austin over "The Eyes of Texas"

    "Kendall Walker, a UT-Austin senior who is part of the student strike in the admissions office, said she thinks administrators wrongly assumed the issue would die down after the school formed a committee this past year to study the song’s origins."

  • ‘That Man Makes Me Crazy’: Neil Matkin's Reign at Collin College Draws Scrutiny

    Neil Matkin's regime connects several trends: the politicization of higher ed administration, the diminishment of faculty's role in shared governance, and the imposition of business logic in higher ed administration. But faculty and staff say that the personal element is what makes the situation truly intolerable. 

  • The Republican Poseurs Who Claim to Be True Texans

    A number of the most prominent conservatives holding or running for office in Texas are, in fact, recent arrivals. They echo the influx of pro-slavery fanatics to the Republic of Texas, and also obscure the growing diversity and political moderation of the state's large urban areas. 

  • An Honest History of Texas Begins and Ends With White Supremacy

    by Casey Michel

    Amanda Vickery of the University of North Texas says that recent proposals in the Texas legislature for a curriculum of Texas patriotism won't acknowledge the way that slavery and white supremacy were central to the Republic of Texas. 

  • Conservative Donors Have Their Own Cancel Culture

    "In 1903, the two students premiered their song at an annual campus minstrel show, where white musicians performed it in blackface. It became a tradition at subsequent minstrel shows and was soon embedded in the university’s culture. Some people apparently want to keep it there forever."

  • Fired for Tweeting?

    "In a written statement to The Chronicle, Burnett said, “Collin College is a government organization that has unconstitutionally sought to punish me for my speech as a private citizen." 

  • Why Texas Republicans Fear the Green New Deal

    by Naomi Klein

    The Texas blackouts show the political and social dead ends of the market revolution and the fossil fuel economy, says Naomi Klein. Politicians and industries wedded to the status quo are attacking the idea of a "Green New Deal" because it's encouraging people to imagine alternatives. 

  • The Texas Weather and Power Catastrophe

    by HNN Staff

    The combination of severe winter storms and persistent cold and a deregulated energy supply system without compulsion to invest in winterization has left Texans without power, heat or drinking water for days. Senator Ted Cruz appears to have decamped to Cancun while politicians blame wind and solar power for frozen natural gas refineries.