Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy are more similar than you think

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Niall Ferguson is a senior fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

It is much worse than you thought. It is much, much worse.

I can reveal that the president is a serial philanderer who is compulsively unfaithful to his wife. He suffers from severe medical problems, which he and his staff are concealing from the press. One of his mistresses is also romantically involved with a notorious gangster.

Speaking of organized crime, I understand that his campaign, to get elected, called on the Mafia for assistance. He intends to appoint his brother to the key position of attorney general. They plan to wiretap human rights activists.

In foreign policy, the story is even worse. He is planning an invasion of a hostile country, which is almost certain to fail disastrously. He has established a secret back-channel which he intends to use in times of crisis to communicate secretly with the Kremlin. Yet he is willing to risk nuclear war. And he has no objection to the assassination of political enemies and coups against allied governments. 

Yet this same president has the temerity to go to Europe and make speeches about the need to defend “western civilization.”

The president I have just described is not Donald J. Trump but John F. Kennedy. This is not “what about-ism” — in other words, I am not trying to excuse the fact that President Trump’s son appears to have colluded (or at least considered colluding) with the Russian government last year. I am merely pointing out that these two presidents — one loved by liberals, the other loathed — have more in common than you may think. ...

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