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Too many Americans still don’t see black history as their own

by Margaret Jordan

In the retelling of U.S. history, there is an incomplete and frequently inaccurate story of African American history.

Thomas Jefferson’s Bible Teaching

by Annette Gordon-Reed

America has yet to realize his vision of enlightened religion.

No, Archeologists Did Not Just Discover Sally Hemings’s Room

by Thomas A. Foster

They found our own struggles with the past.

Donald Trump’s Populism Decoded: How a Billionaire Became the Voice of the “Little People”

by Leonard Steinhorn

That a billionaire would assume the mantle of pitchfork populism may seem like a political and cultural oxymoron, but Trump is far more like his supporters than appearances suggest.

Protectionism 100 years ago helped ignite a world war. Could it happen again?

by Marc-William Palen

Trump, tapping into long-standing Republican fears of free trade, is knowingly returning the GOP to its paranoid protectionist roots — a move against globalization that is also building up populist momentum in Britain and France.

What happens when the federal government eliminates health coverage?

by Simon Haeder

Lessons from the past.

Partisans often try to claim July 4 as their own. It usually backfires.

by Kevin M. Kruse

Independence Day has always been a political battlefield.

Monuments teach us lessons about the toll of hatred

by Renee Graham

Someone again vandalized a memorial to Emmett Till. Whoever destroyed that marker wanted to erase history.

A book for straight people that explains that gay marriage was hugely controversial even for gays

by Andrew Sullivan

What resolved the gay divide, in the end, was the religious right.

The Nixon tapes and Donald Trump

by Luke A. Nichter

Since President Trump’s inauguration, and even before, there have been countless comparisons between the 37th and 45th presidents of the United States. Some of the comparisons make sense, while others do not.

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