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Watergate Fueled Conspiracy Theories, Too

by David Greenberg

Both today and back in the 1970s, defenders of the president wove wacky tales to explain away wrongdoing. And the myths just kept going.

Mike Lee’s bad history: Utah senator’s book is an ignorant hodgepodge concocted to justify the modern GOP

by Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg

Sen. Mike Lee's terrible book tries to reboot some of America's founding fathers as modern-day Republicans.

Can a divided America survive?

by Victor Davis Hanson

Things are bad now. But our own history suggests that if we are not careful, they can get even worse.

Violence against members of Congress has a long, and ominous, history

by Joanne B. Freeman

People used to beat each other up in the Capitol routinely during the 1840s and 1850s.

The Woodstein Tapes

by Max Holland

The director of All the President's Men interviewed Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for eight hours. He recorded everything.

The Normalization of Conspiracy Culture

by Adrienne LaFrance

People who share dangerous ideas don’t necessarily believe them.

Donald Trump’s Half-Baked Cold War Revival in Cuba Is the Worst of Both Worlds

by Ronald Radosh

The change will push the remaining American tourists into the cruise-ship tours that work to give travelers a distorted rosy picture of Cuba.

Can Presidents Shape An Entire Era?

by Michael Todd Landis

Trump and the Possibility of a New “Age of Jackson”

American slavery: Separating fact from myth

by Daina Ramey Berry

People think they know everything about slavery in the United States, but they don’t.

David Horowitz's code of ethics would muzzle teachers

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Years ago the rightwing activist went after college professors for alleged bias.  Now he's going after public school teachers (K-12). 

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