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Forget Nixon. Trump is more like Andrew Jackson than Tricky Dick

by Kevin Baker

And the consequences of his crimes will be far more devastating.

J Edgar Hoover’s oversteps: Why FBI directors are forbidden from getting cozy with presidents

by Douglas M. Charles

How are U.S. presidents and FBI directors supposed to communicate?

Removing the Confederate Monuments In New Orleans Was Only a First Step Toward Righting the Wrongs of History

by Scott P. Marler

The real sanitization of the past happened when the statues were put up. To correct the record, a museum of Reconstruction should take their place.

Trump’s Defense of Taking Foreign Money Is Historically Illiterate

by Joshua Zeitz

The Justice Department’s lawyers are getting the founding fathers all wrong.

Protests do work!

by Nancy C. Unger

Here are some examples.

Free Speech Loses Ground as Harvard Retracts Offers to Admitted Students

by Jonathan Zimmerman

By rejecting the offending students, the university reinforced the idea that students shouldn’t offend one another.

The Cuban Revolution’s “Achievements“

by Humberto Fontova

What usually goes unsaid about Castro’s Cuba.

The Six-Day War Was a Turning Point in Passionate Attachment to Israel

by Jeremy Kuzmarov

As commemorations of the Six Day War continue, now is as good time to question the special relationship and whether we have fallen into the trap George Washington warned about of entangling alliances.

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