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Trump Isn't Nixon – He's Worse

by John Aloysius Farrell

Comparing President Trump to President Nixon is an unfair comparison. Nixon had accomplishments.

When Congress Almost Ousted a Failing President

by Joshua Zeitz

It’s Andrew Johnson, not Andrew Jackson, who provides the best model for Trump’s collapsing presidency.

Thinking about impeachment? Slow down

by Michael J. Gerhardt

The more deliberate the inquiry, the better chance that the American people will have confidence in it. For Nixon, the process that led to his resignation took more than two years, and the scope of wrongdoing that those investigations revealed was breathtaking.

What John F. Kennedy teaches us today

by Robert Dallek

Donald Trump would do well to ponder the lessons of John Kennedy’s presidency on the occasion of JFK’s centenary.

Five myths about Watergate

by Rick Perlstein

It wasn’t politics as usual, and no, Deep Throat wasn’t pivotal to Nixon’s downfall.

The World That Trump and Ailes Built

by Jill Lepore

The measure of their influence lies in the distance between today’s media and politics and those of the years they were born.

What Kind of Loyalty Does a President Need?

by Jeff Shesol

Both L.B.J. and Nixon were obsessed with loyalty.

On Memorial Day, What Do the Living Owe the Dead?

by Graham Allison

We owe them the courage and the wisdom to prevent the next war.

7 differences between Trump turmoil and Watergate

by Jon Marshall

While the Watergate scandal that forced Nixon to resign in 1974 resembles in some ways the current investigations into possible ties between Trump's campaign and Russia, the analogy isn't perfect.

I Don't Care Who Killed JFK

by Peter Dreier

The question of who killed JFK will never be resolved.

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