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Comey's firing was Trump's nuclear option on Russia probe

by Julian Zelizer

Trump has stunned the political world once again by issuing the orders to remove one of the most important figures in this entire investigation.

Trump's Tuesday Night Massacre Brings the Watergate Comparisons Full Circle

by Kevin M. Kruse

While it's easy to reach for Richard Nixon as the closest point of comparison, Trump's firing of James Comey parallels Watergate in a couple key ways.

Don’t Know Much About History

by Michael Winship

Donald Trump thinks his intuition is better than knowledge of the past. That's dangerous for him and all the rest of us.

Donald Trump's malignant narcissism is toxic: Psychologist

by John Gartner

Mental health professionals have a 'duty to warn' about a leader who may be unfit to serve.

America’s dangerously shallow understanding of the Holocaust

by Andrea Pitzer

When White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested on April 11 that atrocities carried out under Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were in some way worse than those of Adolf Hitler, his statement placed him firmly in the bosom of a fine American tradition.

The American Revolution Was a Great Idea

by Mark Hemingway

The New Yorker questions if it really was.

What Trump Gets Wrong About NAFTA

by Jefferson Cowie

The deal is not the source of America's problems.

How African-Americans disappeared from the Kentucky Derby

by Katherine Mooney

When Marlon St. Julien rode the Derby in 2000, he became the first black man to get a mount since 1921.

Think you’re living in a ‘hellhole’ today? Try being a billionaire in 1916.

by George F. Will

As a 1916 billionaire, you would be materially worse off than a 2017 middle-class American.

How Americans Remember (and Forget) Their Wars

by John W. Dower

When others act irrationally and violently they’re crazy. Not so when we do it.

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