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How Trump’s first 100 days compares to past presidencies

by Barbara Perry and Michael Beschloss

An interview on PBS.

Catholic immigrants didn’t make it on their own. They shouldn’t expect others to.

by Una Cadegan

A variety of government programs helped white American Catholics get where they are today.

Is Donald Trump the Great Disruptor? Probably not.

by Stephen Skowronek

The only way he can transform politics is if he gains legitimacy.

It’s time for France to face its past and debate crimes against humanity

by Abraham Joseph

French colonialism and related wars of independence and the country’s treatment of Jews and other persecuted peoples during the second world war are still very sensitive topics in modern France.

The age of mass incarceration may actually be abating

by Charles Lane

The most recent evidence indicates that the age of mass incarceration is abating; it has been, oddly enough, since just prior to the publication of “The New Jim Crow.”

James Carville: It’s time for General Sherman to come back to LSU

by James Carville

General Sherman was the first leader of the school. It's time for LSU to recognize his contribution.

The 1980s: The Good Ol’ Days?

by Kevin Mattson

Although analogies with the past are usually flawed, we can still look at the past in search for some hope against hope about the present.

Why the FBI Kept a 1,400-Page File on Einstein

by Mitch Waldrop

The world-famous physicist was outspoken against racism, nationalism, and nuclear bombs, prompting deep suspicion from J. Edgar Hoover.

The Ivanka Trump of the 19th Century

by Gil Troy

Harriet Lane played hostess for the president most often suspected of being gay—and used technology to become world famous.

Can President Trump Learn on the Job?

by Jeff Shesol

Learning the job, in fairness, is a big task for any new President.

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