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Donald Trump, Jews and the myth of race: How Jews gradually became “white,” and how that changed America

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Until the 1940s, Jews in America were considered a separate race. Their journey to whiteness has important lessons.

Obsession With the Russia Connection Is a High-Risk Anti-Trump Strategy

by Greg Grandin

It lets Democrats off the hook for their own failures—and betting the resistance on finding a smoking gun is a fool’s game.

Could 'America First' Lead to War?

by Graham Allison

China and the U.S. are each intent on greatness. Those visions may not be compatible.

Trump doesn’t have authority to order strikes against Syria

by Andrew J. Bacevich

That authority rests with the Congress.

Divided We Fall

by Ganesh Sitaraman

The Founders knew that economic inequality would destroy America's democracy. So why can't the Constitution save us?

Washington’s demonization of Foes jumps Shark with Sean Spicer on Hitler

by Juan Cole

But Spicer’s problem was not in misspeaking. He got himself into trouble because he just did what Washington does. He demonized the enemy du jour.

Breaking the Palestinians' Will to Fight

by Daniel Pipes

So long as rejectionism runs rampant, debates about one-, two-, and three-state solutions, about carving up the Temple Mount into dual sovereign areas, or about electricity grids and water supplies, are for naught.

Why Black Lives Matter Still Matters

by Peniel E. Joseph

Three years after BLM launched a nationwide uprising against police violence, what's next for the movement?

The Myth of Main Street

by Louis Hyman

Don’t listen to President Trump. Going back to the good old days will cost us.

How ‘Mr. Wilson’s War’ Shaped the World Order

by Arthur Herman

While Woodrow Wilson may have entered World War I in part for the wrong reasons — to fulfill utopian dreams — 100 years later his decision stands as the right one. In the final analysis, it has made the world, and the U.S., safer.

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